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Prepare for Hurricane Season and Help Kauai United Way »»

Hurricane season is almost here so be prepared. Family Storehouse offers some amazing and unique products for storage of emergency food and is willing to offer a special price to friends of Kauai United Way!

The product - compact, durable, lightweight (just four pounds) box contains enough food to fed three full meals to two people for three days. Check out the website for all the details: http://familystorehouse.net/index.php/products/details/food_storage_kit_72_hour/. If you have a family of four, get two. If you want assurance beyond three days, get more. The boxes are designed to be stackable. One of the beauties of this product is that this sealed, freeze-dried/dehydrated food will stay fresh for 20+ years with no preservatives! Meals come in pouches and even if you open one, the others are still good for the remainder of the 20+ years. This means no more swapping out of heavy cans (those of us who were diligent enough even to do that for hurricane season). Best of all, the taste is amazing. I tried some and, honestly, it's not far from fresh.

The deal - Normally, this product sells for $72 plus $10 shipping & handling, as you will see on the website. This product is now available, for a limited time to supporters of Kauai United Way for just $36 plus $10 shipping & handling for a total of just $46. But wait, it gets better: Family Storehouse has pledged to donate $10 for each of these units sold to KUW supporters!

VERY IMPORTANT - When you place your order, you MUST identify yourself as a KUW supporter by typing in "KauaiUW" in the promo code space provided in your shopping cart at checkout.

If you have any problems with your order, call Larry Baum at (801) 380-4997.

This is a fantastic way to give yourself and your family peace of mind during hurricane season one time and not need to worry about it every year! It also makes a great, thoughtful gift. Best of all, it will raise some much-needed funds for our critical Participating Agencies. Mahalo nui loa to our friends at Family Storehouse!

Girl Scouts Hawaii
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"I've always experienced new adventures in Girl Scouts. You have lots of fun and you get to help people at the same time. Girl Scouts Rule!"

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