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Kauai United Way Secures Federal Funds For Kauai »»

The federal Emergency Food & Shelter program is designed to provide food, rent, utility and other assistance to people in need. Funding is distributed based on a formula that measures relative poverty conditions across the nation. Kauai United Way wrote a proposal requesting that a portion of discretionary set-aside statewide funds be directed to Kauai to address the hardships facing many of our local citizens. As a result, Kauai will receive $14,500 from this program. A special Board will soon be convened by Kauai United Way to distribute this money to qualifying Kauai social service organizations.

The special allocations Board will consider applications from last year’s recipient organizations along with others that may apply. Kauai organizations which currently provide emergency food and/or shelter services and meet the following criteria may apply for a portion of this funding.

Qualifying organizations must:
• have certified non-profit status,
• use funds to supplement and extend existing resources,
• have a Federal Employer Identification number,
• practice non-discrimination,
• comply with all local and federal reporting requirements, and
• provide complete documentation for all expenditures.

Organizations meeting these criteria that wish to be considered for funding must submit eight copies of their proposal of two pages or less certifying compliance with the above conditions as well as describing their organization, the project to be considered, the need for this project, the amount of money requested and the number of people to be served. For more detailed instructions and certification forms, call 245-2043. Applications must be received at the office of Kauai United Way not later than 3:00 on Friday, January 18, 2013. The short time of response is in accordance with federal regulations.

Without Kauai United Way to apply for and administer it, this money would not have been available to those in need on Kauai. Kauai United Way is an independent, volunteer-driven organization that has been devoted to providing for the social service needs of our island since 1943 by making available a framework for community self-help. Money raised on Kauai stays on Kauai. If you have questions or would like more information, call Kauai United Way at 245-2043.

Bruce Fehring, Father, Father-in-law and Grandfather of some of those lost in the Ka Loko dam tragedy. Kauai Hospice
A Participating Agency

"We extend our sincere mahalo to those who have surrounded us with their blessings, support and understanding. We especially appreciate the dilligence and determination of all those who continue to search for the missing, and the kind of assistance of the personnel at Kauai Hospice, for which we will be forever grateful."

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