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The Poipu Kai Tennis Association has donated the proceeds from the latest of their periodic tennis tournaments to Kauai United Way (KUW) just in time for it to be included toward the 2015 Annual Campaign. “We need to close out the 2015 Campaign,” said executive director Scott Giarman referring to the 2015 goal of $700,000, the largest goal ever. “People keep popping up wanting to include their contributions. It’s heartwarming.” The Campaign is at 87% of this goal.

Lynnette Medrano-Stine, Scott Giarman, Carolyn Caylor, Herb and Krystyna Noe

Tennis tends to be a localized sport. The organizers of the Poipu Kai Tennis Tournaments – Krystyna & Herb Noe and Carolyn Caylor – are proud that their tournament draws participants from all over the island, as far away as the West Side and the North Shore. It is appropriate, then, that the beneficiaries of an island-wide benefit tennis tournament would be KUW, our island’s umbrella social service organization that funds a broad spectrum of social services to benefit all the people of Kauai. KUW’s 29 Partner Agencies provide more than 80 unduplicated programs that save lives on our island every day and directly benefit tens of thousands of Kauai people every year. The indirect benefits of KUW’s Agencies – which provide constructive programs with positive role models for our young people; help families in need and provide emergency services; clean up people with addiction; divert young people from lives of drugs and crimes; feed the hungry and teach them ways not to go hungry; find housing for the homeless; work to help families remain together, in their own homes with sufficient food, clothing and medicine; and much more – elevate and make life better for all of us who call Kauai home. Let’s all live aloha … it’s the Kauai United Way!

Since 2009, the Poipu Kai Tennis Association has raised more than $40,000 for the Partner Agencies of Kauai United Way. Their goal is to break $50,000 in 2016.

Girl Scouts Hawaii
A Participating Agency

"I've always experienced new adventures in Girl Scouts. You have lots of fun and you get to help people at the same time. Girl Scouts Rule!"

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