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Rehabilitation Services

Kauai United Way's Participating Agencies can be roughly divided into five categories. One of these categories is Rehabilitation Services. The percentage of dollars devoted to each can be found in our Annual Report (located in About Kauai United Way).

Friendship Club

Easter Seals Hawaii

Mental Health Kokua members donate their recycling efforts to Kauai United Way!

Mana'olana - Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing Program - Kauai Economic Opportunity, Inc.

Kauai Drug Court Graduates

Drug abuse is a big problem on Kauai and Kauai United Way agencies are doing something about it! Our Youth Services effectively act to reduce involvement with drugs by our young people. Drug offenders who demonstrate a desire to turn their lives around can receive a second chance through the Kauai Drug Court; in fact, with their help, over 90% succeed! People who have fallen into the abyss of drug addiction can receive help at Hina Mauka. In addition to outpatient service on Kauai, Hina Mauka provides residential care with spaces reserved for Kauai people in their Oahu facility. Following successful treatment for their addictions, people can revert to bad habits without a structured re-integration to the community. KEO?s Homeless Program cares for Kauai?s homeless and helps them return to independent living through their transitional housing service.

One organization providing outstanding service to the clients entrusted to their care is the Easter Seals Hawaii - Kauai. Easter Seals Hawaii supports the needs of clients who have a wide range of developmental disabilities by tailoring programs to their specific needs and guiding them to achievements commensurate with their abilities. These range from limited self-care to successful employment in our community. Without the help of Easter Seals Hawaii and its team of professional counselors, Kauai citizens with developmental disabilities would probably be cared for by untrained family members, which would be likely to remove the care-giver from employment and other activities. Developmental disability lasts a lifetime; the knowledge that ESH services will continue to be available for all their loved ones' lives gives family members great comfort and saves community resources.

Mental illness can be successfully treated. Friendship Club, located in Kapaa, provides a supportive, encouraging environment for Kauai citizens with serious mental illnesses to achieve social, educational, vocational and other goals. Friendship Club?s fabulous 50% success rate in achieving client employment is three times the national average! It's no wonder that Kauai's Friendship Club is a model for similar programs worldwide.

Mental Health Kokua, through specially designed homeless outreach services and residential settings on Kauai, assists people with mental illness achieve optimal recovery and functioning in the community.

After women are released from prison, all too often they return to the bad influences that got them in trouble in the first place. Women in Need works hard on Kauai to break this cycle. They aid such women by providing therapy to clear themselves of drug abuse, help them learn to rid themselves of abusive relationships, get paying jobs in the workforce and acquire adequate housing so they can live self-sufficiently with their children.

When Kauai people with disabilities and other challenges are able to care for themselves, it alleviates others in our community of the burden and costs associated with caring for them. When they are helped to find productive work they add to their contribution to our society and also support our collective needs by paying taxes. When a Kauai person is helped to be independent, productive and well-adjusted, it is a triumph for that individual, of course. But it is also a triumph for their families, neighbors and the business community, as well. It is, in fact, a victory for all of us. Making life on Kauai the best it can be for all our citizens: it's what Kauai United Way is all about.

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
A Participating Agency

"With Kauai United Way's help, the island's Boy & Girl Scouts can work on developing strong minds and not worry too much on raising funds for their group."

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