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Kauai United Way (KUW) is an independent, IRS-certified, non-profit organization that has been dedicated to serving the social service needs of our whole island since 1943. Money raised on Kauai stays on Kauai.


As our island’s umbrella charitable organization, we provide an easy and powerful way for anyone – even those with limited financial resources – with an interest in helping the people of Kauai make a big impact in our community. With one contribution, a donor can feel great about helping out all the people of Kauai.

United, we make a big difference

Payroll deduction provides a convenient way for anyone to have a powerful, positive impact on our island. A few dollars a paycheck – even fifty cents – adds up! At the end of the year, small amounts of money compound into something substantial. Now multiply that by the thousands of people who care about Kauai and the result is a brighter community we can all be proud we had a part in creating.

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Individual Social Service Programs Supported

Participating Agencies

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Kauai United Way Adds Value to Each Donation


Every year, Kauai United Way volunteers evaluate the social service needs of our island and direct the money raised, to where it will do the most good for our whole community. Kauai United Way maintains support for on-going programs; we also maintain enough flexibility to direct funding towards unexpected emerging issues that may arise in the community of our island. Funding goes to many well-known social service agencies on the island, but also to less well-known organizations that are providing vital services to our people. By carefully directing funding where it is needed most, this work adds value to every donation. Click here to see what social service agencies Kauai United Way funds.

Agency Evaluation and Monitoring

We evaluate our agencies annually to ensure that meaningful services continue to reach Kauai people efficiently. Our unique overall perspective allows us to spot things that may be invisible within individual agencies. When we see duplications of service, we point them out. When we spot opportunities for collaboration between agencies, we help put them together. When we see inefficiencies, we help correct them. And when, on rare occasion, we find that an agency is no longer providing effective services to Kauai people, we protect our donors’ money and discontinue funding. Money saved in this way is added to the next year’s allocation, with interest.

Education and Referral

In our many talks to community groups throughout the year, Kauai United Way teaches people about the social service needs on our island, the availability of programs to help people in need and about the importance of each of us to ensure that these services continue to be available to our families now and our children’s families in the future. We remind people that when people in need in our community get the professional help they deserve, every single one of us is better off as a result. Our office frequently receives calls for help and we direct callers to programs designed to do so.

Emergency Food & Shelter Program

This program is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and administrated by local United Ways that are willing and able to do so. Kauai United Way uses our resources to manage this process, enabling tens of thousands of federal dollars to help Kauai people via KUW agencies and beyond every year.

“With Kauai United Way’s help, the island’s Boy & Girl Scouts can work on developing strong minds and not worry too much on raising funds for their group.”

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
A Participating Agency

“The Fourth of July “Concert in the Sky” is one of many fundraising efforts made by the Kauai Hospice, one of many agencies of the Kauai United Way.”

Kauai Hospice
A Participating Agency

“Malama Pono, Kauai’s HIV Agency, is one of several disease prevention agencies supported by the Kauai United Way.”

Malama Pono
A Participating Agency

“I’ve always experienced new adventures in Girl Scouts. You have lots of fun and you get to help people at the same time. Girl Scouts Rule!”

Girl Scouts Hawaii
A Participating Agency

“We’re indebted to the Kauai United Way and everyone who’s helped make this dream come true.”

Salvation Army of Kaua`i
A Participating Agency

“I’ve enjoyed camping and other outdoor activities, meeting other Scouts, and helping the community in our ‘Do A Good Turn’ projects. The most rewarding experience for me was achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. I can truly say that Scouting has helped me become a better person.”

Garren Venzon, Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, Aloha Council
A Participating Agency

“We extend our sincere mahalo to those who have surrounded us with their blessings, support and understanding. We especially appreciate the diligence and determination of all those who continue to search for the missing, and the kind of assistance of the personnel at Kauai Hospice, for which we will be forever grateful.”

Bruce Fehring, Father, Father-in-law and Grandfather of some of those lost in the Ka Loko dam tragedy. Kauai Hospice
A Participating Agency

“Boys & Girls Clubs help keep kids out of trouble by making activities and other recreational tools available after school.”

Boys & Girls Clubs
A Participating Agency

“Teen Programs offered by some of Kauai United Way’s Participating agencies, offer safe environments for students to socialize during after-school hours.”

Hale 'Opio
A Participating Agency

“We have a saying that goes, ‘When you give help, you give hope’ and it’s true. Funding from the Kauai United Way goes a long way towards helping The Arc to help others.”

Easter Seals Hawaii (formerly The ARC of Kauai)
A Participating Agency

Mahalo to Our Major Corporate Donors

Atherton Family Foundation
Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures
Costco Wholesale
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
First Hawaiian Bank
Hawaiian Electric Industries
Kauai Island Utility Cooperative
Matson Navigation Company