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Become a Participating Agency

In order to become a Participating Agency of Kauai United Way, an organization must be able to certify that they:

  • have been providing services which are important to the people of Kauai for at least two years,
  • have broad community support,
  • have held IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for at least two years,
  • have an active, responsible board of directors who serve without compensation,
  • conduct their work in a responsible and ethical manner,
  • maintain proper program and financial records and utilize their funds efficiently,
  • make annual program and financial reports available to the public,
  • seek funding from additional sources, approved by Kauai United Way,
  • support the Kauai United Way annual campaign among their staff and in the community,
  • assist Kauai United Way with the campaign and special events throughout the year,
  • work cooperatively with Kauai United Way Participating Agencies, and
  • refrain from fundraising activities during a “shared fundraising” of our annual campaign, September through October.

Every year, social service groups meeting these criteria are invited to apply for funding. Existing agencies also must submit extensive applications annually and appear for personal interviews. Volunteer community leaders from our Board of Directors carefully evaluate applications and direct funding from the prior year’s campaign where it will do the most good for our whole community. This process is immensely valuable, because it forces an annual evaluation of the changing social needs of our island. The overview perspective also provides an opportunity to help agencies minimize duplication of services and encourage inter-agency cooperation and efficiencies.