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Business Campaigns

A Kauai United Way campaign is a way for an employer to give employees the opportunity to contribute to our community, if they wish to. We have found that when we are allowed to give presentations to tell people about our important work for the benefit of Kauai, that donations stay here on our island and that all we ask of them is to pledge a few dollars per paycheck, they want to participate — and they will appreciate the fact that you gave them the opportunity to do so.

A Kauai United Way campaign can increase employees’ esteem for their employer and in this way act as a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining employees. It also builds community support and customer loyalty. When done well, a Kauai United Way campaign is an excellent team-building exercise. And, since Kauai United Way maintains excellent relations with all Kauai media, your business will receive the substantial public recognition it deserves as a responsible corporate citizen — and that’s advertising you can’t buy!

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2017 Kauai United Way Annual Meeting Company Awards

Just some of the Top 15 Kauai companies for year 2016 awarded by Kauai United Way